Announcing two new Culture Summit events in partnership with the Scottish Parliament

I Want Change

Our planet has officially entered the Anthropocene, the geological age in which human activity has become the dominant influence on climate and upon the environment. Which direction we move in is now up to us, the responsibilities we assume, and the decisions we make today.

At the Edinburgh International Culture Summit we believe that those with the power to speak to the emotions and imagination of an audience can play a vital role in changing the narrative around the climate emergency.

Our October digital event, Narratives for Change, is presented in partnership with the Scottish Parliament’s Festival of Politics. This panel discussion brings together art leaders – including Turner-Prize nominated Christine Borland, Emma Nicolson (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s Head of Creative Programmes), and Alison Johnstone MSP – to consider their own work in relation to advocacy and to ask what the cultural world can do to advocate change?

Narratives for Change will be hosted on the Culture Summit Hub on Friday 22 October.

A second event hosted in partnership between the Edinburgh International Culture Festival and the Festival of Politics will examine at the importance of culture in the health and well-being of society. This event taking place Sunday 24 October is hosted by the Festival of Politics and more information can be found at