Video | 22 March 2022

Digital Programme On Demand: What is the value of arts and culture in the curriculum?

Our third On Demand release is our most recent digital programme event, What is the value of arts and culture in the curriculum? 

This panel sees Scott McDonald, Executive Director of British Council, joined by Sarah Yearsley of Engage Scotland, renowned cognitive scientist and author Professor Guy Claxton, and Fairouz Nishanova, director of the Aga Khan Music Programme. 

Drawing on a range of experiences from around the world, our panel consider how we currently structure and design our education curriculums. We look at new approaches in education models: models that recognise the transformational potential of culture and creativity at their core. Our speakers discuss the vital role that arts and culture can play as critical elements within the curriculum to support the achievements of students, far beyond the purely academic, while also helping them develop their digital literacy and skillsets to allow them to thrive in an increasingly digital world.  

What is the value of arts and culture in the curriculum? took place on Tuesday 8 March 2022 in partnership with the British Council. 

The fully-captioned recording is available to watch below: 

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