Summit 2018

Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2018

This was the 2018 Edinburgh International Culture Summit.

Youth Speakers at the 2018 Edinburgh International Culture Summit

Youth delegates at the 2018 Edinburgh International Culture Summit discuss why communication around culture is so important to human society.

Discovering Cultures- Culture and Wellbeing

We caught up with with Prince Théogène Niwenshuti, David Levenhal and Dr Catherine Calderwood on the relationship Culture can have on the well being of people.

Ministers and Speakers on Arts and Culture

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit brings together Culture Ministers, artists, thinkers and arts leaders from around the world to share ideas, expertise and best practice, with a view to inspiring positive change in cultural policy and investment.

Discovering Cultures - Fairouz Nishanova

Fairouz Nishanova, Director of the Aga Khan Music Initiative talks to us about making the impossible happen every day across political and musical borders. How the Aga Khan Development network sees Culture as pivotal to development.

Discovering Cultures - Richard Sennet

Prof Richard Sennett talks to us about what makes good Cultural Investment and the problems cities face today in cultural investment.

Catarina Vaz Pinto on Culture

Dr Catarina Vaz Pinto, Councillor of Culture, The City of Lisbon, Portugal talks to us about her work in Lisbon, the importance of culture and of partnerships and cross disciplinary work in the policy realm.

Discovering Theatrum Mundi

Prof Richard Sennet and Dr John Bingham-Hall talk to us about Theatrum Mundi, an organisation set up with the aim of improving the understanding of cities through education and research.

What is Culture? Why does it matter?

What is Culture? Why does it matter? We went across Europe to hear what people had to say.

Artists on Culture

We went to speak with artists in Edinburgh to discover what does Culture and Arts mean to them.