Camilla Høg

Project Manager
Kulturprinsen Development Centre for Children and Youth Culture

Camilla Høg, Project Manager of PlayArt (LegeKunst) at Kulturprinsen holds a M.A., Cand.mag. in Theatre Studies from University of Copenhagen and Università degli Studi di Torino. Before joining Kulturprinsen in 2021, she worked as Cultural Event Manager at the National Culture House of Greenland. She has a professional background from internationally acknowledged theatre companies and festivals. Her understanding of the creative and artistic process has followed her through to her work at Kulturprinsen, where she still works with artists in new constellations with pedagogues focusing on children and youth. She believes it is a fundamental right of every child to partake and express themselves in creative communities of art, culture, and play. At Kulturprinsen she works for creating equal opportunities to ensure this right through the nationwide program PlayArt.