Discussing the range of projects honoured by the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Farrokh Derakhshanicontemplates how cities and cultures are ever evolving and the responsibility of all architecture projects to work sustainably with the communities they serve.

Farrokh Derakhshani

Director, Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Geneva, Switzerland
Culture in Vibrant Communities

Farrokh Derakhshani is Director of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Since 1982, his association with the Award has brought him into contact with architects, builders, and planners throughout the world. He travels extensively in Muslim countries and has organised and participated in numerous international seminars and colloquia focused on contemporary built environments. Derakhshani’s main field of specialisation is the contemporary architecture of Muslim societies, and his professional work has included the design and construction management of large-scale public works and infrastructure projects in Iran, as well as architectural design in Paris and Geneva. He lectures widely and serves on boards and committees of a number of cultural institutions. In 2018, he was named an International Fellow of RIBA. Derakhshani trained as an architect and planner at the National University of Iran and later continued his studies at the School of Architecture in Paris.