Helen Yung

Founder and Chief Artistic Officer
Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence

Helen Yung is an inter/transdisciplinary artist who combines design, performance, conceptual art, and social R&D. She is the Founder and Chief Artistic Officer of the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence. The Lab represents Helen’s ongoing research into What Art Knows. Experiments are led by artists and artistic methods in collaboration with professionals from non-artistic backgrounds to uncover more perspectives and possibilities for society. The Lab also offers training and support to reframe ‘stuck’ and complex problems, and to help non-artists think and act more creatively. Recent/upcoming projects include: evaluating the impact of creative practice on wellbeing with the Canadian Mental Health Association, looking at What Art Has To Offer Immigration with Luminato Festival Toronto, advising on the development of an evaluation framework for creative hubs for the Department of Canadian Heritage, and scenario planning for better futures with Black Lives Matter Toronto.