James Arroyo

OBE, Director
The Ditchley Foundation

James Arroyo is the director of the Ditchley Foundation (www.ditchley.com). Under his leadership over the last five years, Ditchley has built on its 60 year heritage to create a powerful 21st century model for bringing people together to think new things and make new connections. Ditchley works in support of peace, freedom, and the rule of law but its particular focus is on the renewal of democratic societies, states and alliances. Ditchley’s current programmes cover managing geopolitical competition; threats and defence; strengthening democracy; and the political deliverability of climate action. Alongside his role at Ditchley, James has several advisory roles. He advises Pictet Asset Management on the context for its investment funds; the Brunswick Group on innovation on AI and data; and he mentors a small number of technology start-ups working on natural language processing; data analysis; and cyber security for the Internet of Things.