Prof Carly McLachlan PhD

Tyndall Manchester

Professor Carly McLachlan is the Director of Tyndall Manchester – an interdisciplinary team working on policy relevant research on climate change based within the School of Engineering at the University of Manchester. Carly is also Associate Director of the ESRC Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation. Her research interests focus on how stakeholders, including publics, engage with energy and sustainability issues and how ‘evidence’ is used within this.

Professor McLachlan’s previous research projects, have covered a range of topics including: setting carbon budgets and targets for cities, community energy, stakeholder assessment of carbon capture and storage, tidal energy and future food systems. Her current research is primarily focused on how cities can drive climate action. She has recently been part of the team that produced a Super-Low Carbon Roadmap for the live music sector, working with the band Massive Attack.