Ramadan Shebani

Head of Art Department, Tripoli Antiquities Conservation Centre

Archaeologist Ramadan Emhemed Ali Shebani is head of the Art Department at Tripoli Antiquities Conservation Centre. His career in archaeology began in 1986 at the Antiquities Department. He has a Licentiate in Historical Studies and Research from
the Faculty of Arts and Education and a Masters in Archaeological Geology from the Geo-Archaeological Studies Centre, University of Rome. Collaborating professor at Sabratha University and Al Khums Faculty of Archaeology, he has led many excavations and surveys in locations throughout Libya and was head of the Libyan team during the documentation and registration of the stores and museums of the three cities (Oea, Leptis Magna and Sabratha) in collaboration with the University of Rome. He has a number of research publications to his name including the Old Libya yearbook and Great Leptis Magna magazine. His General History of Libya is awaiting publication.

He represents Libya and the Department of Antiquities at many forums, conferences, seminars and workshops both at home and abroad. Recent achievements include supervision of the completion of the Young Archaeologist museum in Tripoli and the restoration and maintenance of the crypts of the Red Castle.