Salim Almahruqi

Undersecretary for Heritage Affairs

His Excellency Salim Almahruqi, Undersecretary for Heritage Affairs for Oman, is responsible for management of Ministry of Heritage and Culture museums, land and underwater archaeology, publications, conservation and preservation of monuments and Oman’s World Heritage sites. He has served the Omani Government since 1984 when he joined the Ministry of Information. Since then he has also served in the Omani Embassy in the USA and advised the Royal Court on Cultural Relations. From 2008 to 2011 he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Club and 2009 to 2010 a consultant at the Research Council. He was foreign affairs correspondent at the Oman Daily and is an author of articles and research papers on political and security issues in Oman and the Gulf. In 1996 he was member of the Omani delegation to the UN Security Council. His Excellency has been Undersecretary since 2010. He has a BA in Political Science (Jordan University) and an MA in International Affairs (American University, Washington D.C.)