Victoria Chen

Associate Artist
Bhumi Collective

Vic is a theatre-maker whose works challenge the definitions of live performance through the exploration of theatrical conventions as individual forms of communication. Through processes of trial and error, Vic hopes to derive a sense of permanence in transient forms like live performances and interaction, or to produce a sense of ephemerality and immediacy through recorded media, in order to develop new styles of staging.

Vic’s multidisciplinary practice takes form as solo works or as collaborations with practitioners from various disciplines. She aims to break apart cultural stereotypes through the presentation of unheard voices and narratives, particularly from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community. As a woman, she continuously reflects on female identity as a continual performance and its potential for “empowerment” in modern society. Vic is currently an Associate Artist with Bhumi Collective, an international, multicultural and transnational collective telling stories about the lesser seen, lesser and lesser talked about. Find out more about her work on