Culture and a Sustainable Future

The sixth Edinburgh International Culture Summit takes place at the Scottish Parliament between Friday 26 – Sunday 28 August. Titled, Culture and a Sustainable FutureSummit 2022 will reflect on the urgent need for consideration of and investment in our future.

The Culture Summit believes that global problems require global solutions, and that effective responses to the most pressing challenges facing us today must be dynamic, multifaceted, and collaborative. Culture can play a vital role in helping people all over the world discover commonality, to conceptualise the critical issues we must face, and to help imagine and create a sustainable future.

Principally Summit discussions will be ordered around two programme strands:

Culture & Education asks what unique role the arts can play in education curricula, and how Cultural practices can teach creativity and collaboration – developing skills and learning habits that are essential to life in a cosmopolitan and digitised world.

Culture & Sustainability highlights the sensory aspects of art: by looking and listening, tasting, and touching, art engages us deeply and directly with the world we live in. The poetry and song, stories and rituals, and intimate knowledge of unique locations are a profound and enduring set of human relationships that we risk losing alongside our shrinking ecosystems and biodiversity.

The two core themes of Summit 2022 have been reflected in our programme of digital discussions that placed artists and creative directors in conversation with politicians to discuss subjects such as the legacy of COP26, and the design of creative curricula. This series, produced and hosted by our founding partners, are freely available to view on our website and YouTube channel.

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