25 August 2022

The New Real at Edinburgh International Culture Summit 2022

Welcome to The New Real – www.newreal.cc 

Presenting exciting and groundbreaking ideas for the arts and culture of tomorrow, and launching a roadmap and toolkit for sector leaders and practitioners to develop astonishing cultural works that empower artists with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and stimulate innovation in emerging technologies.

At this year’s Edinburgh International Culture Summit, The New Real team will introduce policy makers and cultural professionals from participating nations to exciting new ways to combine art and technology in delightful and transformative digital cultural experiences for global audiences.

The New Real programme at the University of Edinburgh explores the cutting-edge art and innovation shaping our world – we believe that together we can reach out and touch the future, and bring new ideas to life. We develop frameworks and tools for cultural organisations and technology institutions to collaborate, to place the arts at the forefront of new sustainable industries and economies, and illuminate how emerging technology can become a creative, playful and deeply impactful part of everyday living. We devise imaginative ways to experiment with new cultural experiences, practices, emerging technologies, and business models, to empower artists and communities to be agents of positive change.

The event will introduce delegates to the exciting latest developments that are pointing to a bright future for the cultural sector around the world. It will present methods and tools that you can adopt to drive collaboration between your arts and science sectors. You will discover how art and new technologies – including Artificial Intelligence (AI) – combine to fuel new cultural experiences, reach wider audiences, sustain new practitioners, and heal the Planet.

We will discuss the most radical and interesting signals for tomorrow in festivals today. We will share actionable insights on cultural development in The New Real, through policy recommendations and practical tools for the adoption of practices, technologies and infrastructures for a resilient and bright future for the arts and festivals. We will also globally launch our Open Prototyping Toolkit – a six-stage process to support collaborative co-design and interdisciplinary R&D. 

In particular, the event will feature:

1) Showcase of exciting new AI-powered cultural experience developments, including a new AI-Arts creative environment platform – The New Real Observatory.

2) Global launch and presentation of the Open Prototyping toolkit for supporting ground-breaking collaborations between the Arts and AI. Available from 25th August at www.openprototyping.org 

3) In-conversation with artists, developers and designers to articulate visions, scenarios and transformative interventions across the sector. Special guests: Caroline Sinders and Lex Fefegha

Established 2019, The New Real is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Alan Turing Institute, and Edinburgh’s Festivals. It is hosted at Edinburgh Futures Institute and Edinburgh College of Art, and funded by UK Research and Innovation, Scottish Funding Council, Creative Scotland, and the Data-Driven Innovation Programme.

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