Culture and Investment

There is growing recognition of the need to strike a balance between investment in physical cultural infrastructure and alternative models of investment to support the development of creative talent to reach new, wider audiences.

The provision of expensive and elaborate arts centres throughout the world is certainly politically attractive, but what of the art that brings these places to life? How should government policy balance investment in individual artists, creative communities, and buildings? At a time when difficult decisions need to be made about the allocation of modest resources for culture, Summit 2018 will carefully consider the funding challenges facing policy-makers, artistic entrepreneurs and practicing artists alike.

If cultural consumption and practice can happen on a street corner or an online video, what are the benefits of investing in artists, buildings, people and places?

What is the optimum relationship between state investment in cultural bodies and infrastructure, private sector engagement and unsupported artistic endeavour?

How best can we learn from good practice around the world? What are the implications for how governments should manage and prioritise energies and resources?

This session will address the above questions and many more as we engage in lively debate around the benefits of different cultural funding models. Our opening keynote speaker will be Richard Sennett, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Committee of Theatrum Mundi.


The Plenary session will be held in the main Chamber at the Scottish Parliament and will be open to public. There will be a number of key note speakers and responses from Ministers. More information available shortly.

The first speaker in this session has been announced as Founder and Chair of the Advisory Committee of Theatrum Mundi, more information below.


  • Building Culture
  • Culture and Digital Investment
  • Cultural Infrastructure


More speakers to be announced.