Lillian Ngo Usadi

Musician and researcher

Lillian Ngo Usadi graduated and commissioned from the United States Naval Academy with a BSc in electrical engineering. She then joined the Physical Acoustics Lab reading for an MSc in Engineering Science (by research) under the direction of Dr. Ronald Roy and Dr. James Kwan at the University of Oxford. In pursuit of understanding music on a deeper level, Lillian is currently researching acoustics, the study of sound, and acoustic cavitation, bubble formation in the presence of a sound field. Additionally, Lillian is working with Sir Jonathan Mills on 3-D printing ancient musical instruments in order to create an intercultural orchestra. Following her time at Oxford, Lillian will go on to the United States Navy as a submarine officer. Her long-term career goals include the pursuit of the advancement and exploration of music, science, and technology through her work in the submarine community and beyond. In her free time, Lillian enjoys playing violin in the Oxford University Orchestra and hiking with her friends.