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Reshaping the world between the chisel and the gene

The chisel is a blunt tool used by artists to reshape matter. The Gene is a highly complex function and unit of heredity. According to Neri Oxman, a professor working at the MIT Media Lab, the two together should represent “the split personality of every designer and architect working today.” Traditional engineering follows a systems-centred […]


Ways of speaking, ways of hearing

They say you can never understand language until you have two under your belt. Reading and speaking in more than one language gives you a new sense of perspective. In the first of our digital events, we asked what internationality means in a time of no travel and are now reflecting on one of the […]


Cultural migration – the new normal?

The cultural sector thrives on a cross-pollination of people, their stories and the varied textures within them. By embracing and celebrating alternative visions, new ideas, and techniques, artistic expression develops via a process of tessellating influence and experimentation. Listening to the creative voices of other people enable us to expand and enrich our understanding of […]


Edinburgh International Culture Summit Special Edition 2020

The Transformational Power of Culture

When the global impact of decades of economic and social behaviour is being so abruptly overturned, the 2020 Special Edition considered how imaginative perspectives, creative endeavours and cultural experiences can help sustain us and take us beyond our current predicament.

Delve into the Summit Special Edition 2020 page where Summit Themes on Culture and Education; Culture and Social Cohesion and Culture in Vibrant Communities examine more deeply these areas of focus interlaced with digital performances.

Explore our Contributors, where you can hear from each speaker that joined us in greater depth.

And immerse yourself in the full range of digital Performances assembled and recorded for the Special Edition.