Special Edition of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit Announced

From 22 August 2020

Edinburgh International Culture Summit Special Edition

Ordinarily the Edinburgh International Culture Summit, delivered in partnership by the British Council, Scottish Government, UK Government, the Scottish Parliament and the Edinburgh International Festival, would welcome people from around the world to the Scottish Parliament in August, alongside the backdrop of the Edinburgh Festivals. This year it is not possible to present the Summit in that format.

However, on 22 August the Summit will launch a Special Edition online in which a fantastic range of contributors from around the world will bring their voice and expertise to three areas of discussion – Culture and Education, Culture and Social Cohesion and Culture in Vibrant Communities.

In a series of films, podcasts and interactive panel sessions, contributors from across the spectrum of the arts, economy, education, architecture, medicine, philanthropy and Ministers of Culture all from around the world will come together to examine the powerful role, and transformational potential, of culture in key aspects of our lives and particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, the Special Edition highlights the importance of a vibrant cultural sector in sustaining resilient and open societies and examines how access to artistic practices and spaces transform peoples and nations.

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Special Message from EICS Foundation Director Jonathan Mills

Special Message from EICS Foundation Director Jonathan Mills on the announcement of the Summit's Special Edition in 2020

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