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Beyond COP26: a cultural shift?

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Watch now: Digital Programme On Demand – Beyond COP26: A cultural shift?

Starting this month, we are pleased to share our Digital Programme event recordings in full on Our first On Demand release is our December 2021 event, Beyond COP26: A cultural shift? Beyond COP26 sees Angus Roberston MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture (Scottish Government) joined by Professor Carly McLachlan (Tyndall […]


Beyond COP26: A Cultural Transformation

As a species, we have experienced our planet during a geological epoch known scientifically as the Holocene. The Holocene was a climactic utopia characterised by stability. It was our world in harmony, with balance achieved through organic and interdependent growth, it was immense expanses of liveable surface and such a vast store of natural resources […]


Culture Summit year in review and a look ahead to our 2022 events

The year 2021 has been richly productive for the Edinburgh International Culture Summit team. We have seen opportunity in trying circumstances and have embraced this chance to reassess our own practices and create new platforms and programmes. We have greatly enjoyed and appreciated every contact with our contributors and constituency. Our deeply gratitude goes to […]


Edinburgh International Culture Summit Special Edition 2020

The Transformational Power of Culture

When the global impact of decades of economic and social behaviour is being so abruptly overturned, the 2020 Special Edition considered how imaginative perspectives, creative endeavours and cultural experiences can help sustain us and take us beyond our current predicament.

Delve into the Summit Special Edition 2020 page where Summit Themes on Culture and Education; Culture and Social Cohesion and Culture in Vibrant Communities examine more deeply these areas of focus interlaced with digital performances.

Explore our Contributors, where you can hear from each speaker that joined us in greater depth.

And immerse yourself in the full range of digital Performances assembled and recorded for the Special Edition.