Special Message recorded for the Summit Special Edition 2020

Malika Bendouda

Minister for Culture and the Arts
People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Dr Malika Bendouda was born in Oran, in the west of Algeria, and has a degree in French, and a doctorate in philosophy in social science from Oran University.

Her distinguished academic career has included stints at the Departments of Philosophy at Tlemcen University, the Department of Political Science at Oran University, and as a lecturer in philosophy at Oran University and lecturer in the Department of Human and Social Sciences at Tipaza University.

She has also held various senior positions, including Researcher at the Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology Center in Oran; and as Editor of the philosophical journal ‘EIS’. She created, and presented the TV show, ‘Philo Talk’.

She is the author of The Philosophy of Politics at Hannah Arendt. She has also participated in numerous national and international conferences.

Dr Bendouda was appointed Minister of Culture in January 2020.