Charlotte Eagar

Director, Trojan Woman Scotland CIC
Trojan Woman Scotland CIC

Charlotte Eagar is an award-winning filmmaker and former foreign correspondent, novelist, and producer. She co-produced The Trojans, Euripides’ Trojan Women adapted by Syrian refugees living in Glasgow, at Platform theatre (2018-19), Kaleidoscope, a radio drama project with Syrian refugees in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Heidelberg (2016-17), Queens of Syria UK theatre tour with the Young Vic (2016), and accompanying documentary The World To Hear (2018), Oliver! in Arabic (2015), Welcome to Zaatari/We Are All Refugees (2014-15), Syria: The Trojan Women (2013). She is Executive Producer on Oliver! in Arabic (documentary in post-production), and multi-award-winning Queens of Syria documentary (2014). She co-produced and co-wrote the multi-award-winning short film Scooterman (2010). In 2008 she published her novel about the siege of Sarajevo, The Girl in the Film. She was inspired to co-found the Trojan Women Project in 2013 through her work with refugees as a foreign correspondent and through reading Classics at Oxford.