The Trojan Women Project has been creating drama and advocacy projects for Syrian refugees since 2013. The programme directors with current and past participants discuss the therapeutic process of creating theatre and the power of sharing stories.

Sana’a Al Froukh, Essam Rabih, Charlotte Eagar, William Stirling

The Trojans based on the play by Euripides
Performance by Trojan Women Project, Glasgow
A new adaptation of Euripides’ The Trojan Women performed by Syrian Refugees
Adapted by Mariem Omari, with Alaa Saloum and Sanaa Al Froukh and including original writing by the cast
Director: Victoria Beesley
Set and Costumes Design: Alisa Kalyanova
Lighting Design: Mark Doubleday
Sound Design: Danny Krass
Producers: Charlotte Eagar and William Stirling
Location filming shot and directed by: Charlotte Ginsborg
Original production presented by Trojan Women Scotland CIC with Platform Theatre and The Pleasance EICC
First performed in Glasgow, February 2019

Sana’a Al Froukh

Performer and Writer
Trojan Women Project, UK
Culture and Social Cohesion

Sana’a Al Froukh is from Dara’a, Syria. Prior to her arrival in Glasgow, she was a primary school teacher before and during the Syrian revolution. Her ambition had been to be a psychologist, but that was not a career open to her in Syria. Her school was bombed and many fleeing children were killed by snipers. Her husband, a writer, was arrested and tortured. They decided to flee to Jordan where she joined a Syrian-Jordanian psychology practice treating fellow Syrian refugees, which enabled her to study to become a trauma therapist. She and her family were able to come to Scotland in 2017. Sana’a currently works as a translator and is the head chair of the Jasmine and Thistle community group. She has contributed to World Health Organisation projects in Glasgow to help refugees in the management of stress. She plays a major role in The Trojans, as both a performer and a writer. Sana’a’s professional background in psychology was crucial to her contribution to the production.