Sana’a Al Froukh

Cast Member,
The Trojan Women Project

Sana’a Al Froukh is from Dara’a, and was a primary school teacher before and during the Syrian revolution. Her ambition had been to be a psychologist, but that was not a career open to her in Syria. Her school was shelled and many fleeing children were killed by snipers. Her husband, a writer, was arrested and tortured. After he was released they decided to go to Jordan where she joined the Syrian-Jordanian psychology practice run by Dr Mohammed, with whom she worked and studied to become a trauma therapist, treating her fellow Syrian refugees. After five years she and her family were able to come to Scotland in 2017. She has studied language and translation courses and that’s her job recently. She is the head chair of the Jasmine and Thistle community group. She also took part in one of WHO projects in Glasgow SH+ to help refugees to manage their stress. She played a major role in The Trojans, both acting and writing, and her psychology background was key to the production.