Culture in a Networked World

Why does culture alone have the power to express what makes us distinctive and what we have in common? How can culture build bridges of understanding across peoples, generations and tribes in a fragmented world? How best can we ensure full involvement of young people and multiple voices in civic society?

As social networks and online platforms reach across the globe, cosmopolitanism becomes a new norm. The speed and multiplicity of digital communication transforms human relationships. Unheard voices find a platform and location no longer limits community, but this highly networked world makes demands on society in unprecedented ways. While some feel empowered by the changing global landscape, others are left behind.

Peace and prosperity in such a radically shifting world significantly depends on an ethos based on an inclusive morality, shared economic relationships and political structures that encompass and recognise various geographic, historical, linguistic, but most of all, cultural differences.

Artists have a crucial role to play in encouraging citizens from diverse societies to build bridges of understanding and respect. At the Summit, culture bearers from across the globe will demonstrate how they find common ground by expressing facets of the often complex and plural identities so prevalent in a globalised world.

This session will open with a musical performance by the Aga Khan Music Initiative introduced by Director Fairouz Nishanova, followed by a keynote address from the internationally renowned theatre director Ong Keng Sen.


The Plenary session will be held in the main Chamber at the Scottish Parliament and will be open to public. There will be a number of key note speakers and responses from Ministers. More information available shortly.

The first speaker in this session has been announced as Director of the Aga Khan Music Initiative Fairouz Nishanova, more information below.


  • Celebrating Culture
  • Culture and Reform
  • Our Shared World


More speakers to be announced.